Latonka Marathon

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In an effort to get real races back up and running, Gopher Running is supporting this event managed by Runner's High:

Runner's High is pleased to "OFFICIALLY" announce the Latonka Marathon.

In September of 2020, we hosted this event as a venue for the Boston Marathon Virtual Experience. It was well-received by the community and the participants. Fifty percent of the finishers qualified for the Boston Marathon, ranking it among the highest percentages in the country. With the 2021 Pittsburgh Marathon going virtual, we are announcing this event to be run on the originally scheduled date of this year's Pittsburgh Marathon (Sunday, May 2).

The event is not specifically endorsed, supported by, or in partnership with P3R or the Pittsburgh Marathon. We are offering this event as a venue for the Pittsburgh Marathon entrants to compete and complete an actual marathon with the camaraderie of others with the same goal. Since Pittsburgh was not able to host their in-person event on May 2nd, they are not open to advertising for other venues the same week-end. So, don't expect any mention of our event in their literature.

Approval of our race by the Lake Latonka Board of Directors was contingent upon us being a venue for the virtual Pittsburgh Marathon. Therefore, you are required to be registered for the FULL MARATHON at Pittsburgh before being accepted into our marathon. Anyone registering for our marathon without being registered for Pittsburgh will have their entry be manually rejected, and no refunds will be honored. No half marathon or relay registrants will be accepted.

Any and all Pittsburgh Marathon gear, including shirt, bib, finisher's medal, etc. will be shipped by the Pittsburgh Marathon according to their virtual event schedule. You will still need to individually submit your time to Pittsburgh as per their instructions to receive credit for their marathon.

Approval for this was granted on 3/3/21. We expect interest to be high. We will not open on-line registration until later in the month (likely 3/17/21). We want to get the word out to as many entities as possible in order to give everyone an equal chance in getting accepted. Keep checking back for updates. This date could change.

The field will be limited to a strict maximum of 100 runners. (Lake Latonka's decision). Spread the word to your running buddies and be ready to register at the opening bell. We anticipate the field could fill quickly.
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