Trivia 1-3

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Trivia Question #1 - 12/12/06 Discussion

Name all of the people in the picture below.

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Trivia Question #2 - 1/19/07

An Ohio High School girl ran a 4:43.6 mile (9 meters longer than a 1600m) and a 10:14 2 mile (18 meters longer than a 3200m). Both times would be Ohio State Records even at the shorter distances of 1600m and 3200m.

  1. Who is this athlete?
  2. What high school did she compete for?
  3. What year did she graduate?
  4. What unfortunate event occurred at the end of her senior track season that kept her from the notoriety that she deserved?

Trivia Question #3 - 3/19/07

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Name the three runners shown in the above photo when Jim Ryun's world record for the mile fell from 3:51.1 to 3:51.0.

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